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About Timberweave
High Quality Woven Timber Fencing

Timberweave came into being in August 2013.

The inspiration for the product was the creation, by Mick Burns, of woven timber fencing panels for the Woodland Trust as part of an installation, created by Mick, at Goltho Woods, Lincolnshire. Mick’s carved Woodhenge featured four of these woven fencing panels erected as windbreaks around a large circular table with bench seats. These original panels were created using only a chainsaw to cut out the component parts before assembling them into the woven pattern.

There appeared to be nothing else like this style of fence panel on the market. No-one else seemed to have produced this type of panel and offered it for sale. A means of producing the components without having to painstakingly cut them out by hand, using the chainsaw, was devised and applied. Now it is possible to offer these components, or complete fencing service, to the discerning individual or landscaping business looking to source a high class, architecturally striking and unusual fence. The woven style can also be applied to other items such as building projects and furniture.

The research and development for Timberweave was financed by Chainsaw Sculpture Ltd. Timberweave is owned by Chainsaw Sculpture Ltd.
Patents have been applied for both the fence component design and the milling technique required for the production.