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Safety Clothing (for UK)


SAFETY HELMET: If you're working in circumstances where there is a danger of items falling or impacting on your head. I find that it's best to wear the helmet even when not working in a forestry environment. I have had experience of snagged objects being thrown up onto my head after bouncing off other parts of the carving. The helmet should comply with EN397. It should be discarded after around 3 yrs. It should not be modified in any way or have stickers or paint put on it.

EAR DEFENDERS: Must be designed to protect against the range of frequencies given out by an angry chainsaw. Should comply with EN352-1.

EYE PROTECTION: Mesh visors both plastic or metal, clear plastic is also available, must comply with EN 1731. Alternatively, safety glasses complying with EN 166. Mesh visors are better in wet or cold weather as they don't mist up.

GLOVES: Chainsaw gloves have a form of soft armour backing on the left hand. It is designed to jam up and stop the chain on the chainsaw in the event that the the hand slips off the front handle onto the bar of the saw. Must comply with EN 381-9.

LEG PROTECTION: Chainsaw trousers have the same clogging material built into them as the gloves. Some trousers have the material as all round protection, others only around two thirds of the front. The all round protection is to be recommended for carving. Chainsaw leggings are available. They are designed to be worn over ordinary trousers. However, wearing leggings plus ordinary trousers can make you uncomfortably hot in warm weather, just as well with a pair of chainsaw trousers on their own. Must comply with EN 381-5.

CHAINSAW BOOTS: An absolute must for anyone doing anything with a chainsaw. Feet tend to be hit very easily. Chainsaw boots have steel toecaps plus cut resistant material down the front and round the sides. Leather boots can be very comfortable after "breaking in". They also give very good support to the ankle. They are however quite expensive, a cheaper alternative may be chainsaw "wellies". As long as the boots are designed for use with the chainsaw and carry the picture of a chainsaw on them. This should appear with the number EN 381-6

UPPER BODY PROTECTION: Chainsaw jackets are available with protective material on the front and over the shoulders. These may well be a good idea, particularly for the comparative beginner, although any chainsaw operator should not be putting themselves in a position where they may be hit around this area. The chainsaw should not be used above shoulder height. Compliant with EN 381-10.

FIRST AID KIT: Good idea to have a large kit available. Also essential to carry a personal one comprising of a large wound dressing. Wrap it in a pouch and keep it in your back pocket.

All of this equipment should be readily available from your friendly, local chainsaw supplier. Although it's expensive (approx £150 - £300) it's essential. You may be leaving yourself open for prosecution in the event of having an accident (or being in the wrong place) without it.