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Site Plan
For Chainsaw Sculpture Demonstration

The outer barrier is plastic netting or equivalent to discourage access by the public or their pets within the permitted safe distance. The distance of 10m is twice that recommended as the safe minimum distance from a chainsaw operator. 10m has been chosen in order to reduce the risk of excessive noise exposure to the onlookers and bring it to within acceptable levels.

If required, a fine netting screen can be erected around the demonstrator of 1cm square plastic monofilament net (of the type used to protect fruit bushes etc. in gardens) or equivalent set up to approx 2m high. This is to prevent the lighter slivers of wood removed during carving from flying off into the crowd.

There should ideally be a "blank" side (vehicle being used for this purpose on the site plan) so that the operator can direct any cuts that may result in flying debris, away from the onlookers. The operator can also utilise this area for refuelling and chainsaw maintenance.

Examples of previous work can be displayed within the outer barrier if of a delicate nature or if they may pose a risk to the onlookers (e.g. If they might easily fall over, or have projecting elements that could cause injury). Anything else can be placed on display just outside the barrier.

All barriers supplied by and set up by chainsaw demonstrator and/or assistant.